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Matt Greene


Growing up in the Central Valley of California, his grandparents wanted to name him Forest, luckily cooler headed parents didn’t allow that to happen.  Matt spent most of his free time in the outdoors; camping, hunting and fishing.  The son of two teachers, Matt was often the test subject for his fathers’ science projects for his classes.

His passion for the outdoors took him to the urbanized bastion of the San Francisco bay area, where he attended U.C. Berkeley.  There, he took courses in forestry, wildlife management, geology, hydrology and numerous other outdoors study.  Always thinking that biology was his path, he realized that shaping the forests where these animals lived offered a clear path to working with and for wildlife.  He obtained a degree in Forestry & Wildlife Management in 1999.

Following graduation, Matt went to work for Edward A. Tunheim Consulting Forester in Santa Cruz.  Ed’s client base ranged from Santa Cruz county up to Mendocino County and included numerous non-industrial landowners, summer camps, recreation properties, watershed utilities, and other small landowners.  There, Ed taught him to find the balance between sustainable management with recreational uses which served as the basis for most of these lands.

In 2011, Ed retied and Matt formed Matt Greene Forestry & Biological Consulting.  There, Matt has continued to build the legacy of working to help small landowners manage their lands and keep those lands working, while helping to improve the health of those forests.  The primary principle of Matt Greene Forestry & Biological Consulting is finding a balance between landowners needs, the needs of wildlife, and water use to ensure that the tools and management don’t diminish the landowners use of their lands.

Matt has spent over 23 years preparing and implementing Timber Harvest Plans and Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans for clients to manage their forests, preparing California Cooperative Forest Management Plans, conducting timber inventories and timber valuations, preforming fire fuels assessments and reduction projects near structures and on a larger landscape level, conducting biological surveys, and erosion control plans.

Matt served on the California Licensed Forester Association Board of Directors from 2009 through 2015.  He was president of the Association in 2012.  Matt has served on the Board of Directors of Forest Landowners of California since 2018.


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